Monday, 10 September 2012

Ashcombe park cafe

My watercolour efforts have been rather non eventful lately due to having to earn money and do some proper work LOL, been busy animating a commercial and will remain busy for a few more weeks yet, but today i just threw caution to wind and took a few hours off! why not? surely thats the point of being your own boss eh? So Patch and i had a pleasant walk up to Ashcombe park and i sat down to do this little sketch. Forgot to pack a pencil so had to just dive straight previous attempts to do this have all failed miserably but with a bit of patience and some cool jazz tunes soothing me from my iphone i am quite pleased with this one, especially as i only took my little mini field watercolor kit. Not happy with the red banner....note to myself...put a decent red in that kit!


  1. Fantastic Scott, I think that's your best watercolour yet!! I love the straight on approach.

  2. Thanks Steve, i really enjoyed doing it as well.